Populus Group's Blog - The Summit!

5/7/2014 By Christy Mackaluso

I'm EXTREMELY excited and proud to introduce Populus Group's blog - The Summit!! I'm the lucky winner who not only got to name the new blog, but be the very first guest blogger.

First, I want to give a little background on where the name came from. At Populus Group, we refer to all of our internal employees as "Climbers" and use various climbing themed terms throughout the company. When our marketing team rolled out a competition to name our blog, I started searching the internet for climbing term ideas with my co-worker, Kortney. After Kortney advised me that my initial thoughts of "Toe Pick" or "Sloppy Plopping" were probably not great names for a company blog, I did some more digging. In thinking about potential names for PG's blog, I wanted to keep with our overall theme, but also make sure it was reflection of who we are as a company and what we believe in.

At the core of Populus Group's existence is the profound belief that everyone should have an opportunity to succeed. It is that belief that we bring to all of our engagements and energizes our partnerships and relationships with customers, contractors and partners affording them an uncommon experience.

"The Summit" can be defined as either the highest point, or a meeting of the minds. Both of these seemed to accurately describe what we're trying to achieve as well as stay true to our unique culture.

I'm honored to have been the first blogger and look forward to Populus Group sharing more of what we do and who we are in the near future!

Christy Mackaluso

Get to know Christy:
Christy is a Sr. Program Coordinator supporting various MSP Programs. She serves as a primary source for hiring managers, human resources professionals, and program suppliers. Christy is a main point of contact for issue notification and problem resolution in day to day operations relating to supplier, contractor, and performance management.

Outside of work, Christy enjoys spending time with her awesome husband, amazing daughter, and wonderful friends. She is an avid sports fan, and can always be found proudly cheering on her alma mater- Michigan State University, the Detroit Red Wings, and the best team in the NFL - the Green Bay Packers.

Want to talk to Christy? [email protected]