3 Reasons Why Humor is Important in the Workplace

12/4/2014 By Curtis Carpenter

Humor is an important part of how I learned to communicate with the world around me. Humor is an invaluable part of the human experience; from Shakespeare to Seinfeld, people who can make us laugh are held in high esteem.

Curtis Carpenter

As I started at Populus Group, I quickly realized that the team I joined had a foundation of humor. My team was almost falling over themselves to share funny stories about each other. The stories were great to hear, but more importantly it was a way to begin a conversation that has not stopped since. My team is joyful, celebrates and smiles together which makes each day at the office special.

Here are 3 key reasons humor is important:

  1. Humor is a great invitation to get to know someone in a relaxed way. We are taught to open speeches with a joke or funny story in order to relax an audience. Humor breaks down people’s natural defense in new situations.
  2. Humor reminds us that life is bigger than any one experience. Life is full of challenges from school to family, illness and work. Humor is the sunshine that can touch the soul, giving us the opportunity to smile in the midst of a struggle.
  3. Humor is infectious. When the people around you are joyful, it’s hard to stay grumpy. Humor is a language that everyone can enjoy. When a group can utilize humor in its communication, it will create a team that knows how to celebrate and encourage each other.

I love humor and I believe that it is a great way to interpret the world. It also has some pretty cool side effects: laughter, smiles, joy and cheer. Choosing humor is a choice that helps us find and remember the good in life.

How do you use humor in your daily routine?

How has humor helped you overcome challenges?

Curtis Carpenter

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