A Veteran Finds A New Mission

11/10/2014 By Steve Powell

A Veteran Finds a New MissionStevenPowell

Many veterans never plan on getting out of the service, but life is unpredictable. Family dynamics change, medical issues arise, sh*t happens. I planned on being a Marine until I could retire, but that’s not what life had in store for me. A decade into my service, I went through a divorce. We had a family together, and for that reason I got out of the Marines.

When you’re part of the armed forces, you have two families: your military family, and your real family. After 10 years of service, I suddenly found myself losing both families. I was thrown into civilian life and didn’t know a soul, much less have any idea what I wanted to do – I’d never had to think about it. Life was a struggle – I was down, unmotivated, and it took a while to find help.

Finally I connected with some local veterans who told me there as a use for my skills. One thing led to another and I found myself at Populus Group where I met Mike Gardner and Bobby Herrera, who was also a veteran. They helped me tweak my skills and find a place within the civilian world. My whole mindset changed when I found this new community.

In the service, you’re used to having a “mission”. For a while I lost that sense, but found a new one at Populus Group – helping veterans find their footing as civilians. The relationships you build with your fellow service men and women are easy and automatic. There’s a bond that exists beyond branch, gender, race, age, and economic status. This shouldn’t and can’t stop once military service comes to an end. We care about our brothers and sisters – we want to help each other out. That’s just who we are.

Take a moment this Veterans Day to thank a veteran for their service. Whether or not they’re active duty, they’ve sacrificed a lot to earn their two families.

Steve Powell

Get to Know Steve:
Steve is a Marine Veteran who drives the delivery of extraordinary talent through our MSP recruiting team. He is all about the fundamentals, and loves coaching them to his recruiters. The unique challenges they face each day are what keeps him coming back!

Steve is loud, loves a good joke, and still wears his hair high and tight. He enjoys spending time in the woods at his cabin with his family. Heaven is sitting in a tree during the fall in Michigan.