Studies show that 75% of the workforce expects their employer to take a stance on social and cultural issues, even if it has nothing to do with the business. This is an expression of changing expectations and of progress. It is also an indication of how important it is for organizations to both create space for conversations and policies regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. Beyond supporting employees within the [virtual] four walls of our businesses, beyond making statements to address current events and show solidarity with those impacted, it is also important to take action to be a part of meaningful change and progress.

That’s where diverse spend can come into play. By intentionally partnering with diverse owned businesses, organizations can create the access to opportunities that are foundational to progress. This not only shifts toward accounting for historical barriers to access, but also provides material benefits for those partnering with diverse owned businesses. Studies show that diverse teams are more profitable, innovative, productive and competitive.

Whether you already have a diverse spend strategy in place, or you’re looking to develop one, we at Populus Group are here to help. A proud certified Minority Owned Business and Veteran Owned Business, we’re experienced at guiding our partners through the process of partnering on contingent labor solutions to help take your business to the next level.

We’d love to learn more about your needs to help you build a better tomorrow. Interested in connecting with us to develop a diversity spend strategy, or just learn more? We're here for you!


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