Get to know Brandon

Brandon spends his time at Populus Group helping clients meet their goals by allowing them to utilize global IT talent. He works with unique individuals with highly niche skill sets that travel to the U.S. to find opportunity. Brandon’s passion for his candidates success has helped create lifelong relationships, and for a select few even the opportunity to be friends on Facebook!

Brandon’s obsessed with technology, sports and his family above all. His favorite things to do in his spare time are make funny weird faces with his daughter or reading sports/technology blogs. He is heavily engrained in his community through volunteer work at back to school events, local charities and church fundraisers. You can find him on a basketball court near you making moves that he believes mimic Kobe Bryant, but look more like something Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro.

Want to chat with Brandon about tech, sports or who can make a weirder face? Call him at 212-548-6273 or email at