At Populus Group we call ourselves Climbers because it’s expected that we move forward one step at time. A climb is not a linear path. It has switchbacks, rugged terrain, challenges and sometimes the path you started on is lost entirely. Often times you have to step into the unknown to find your way.

Introducing a New Series: Climber Stories.

In a new, ongoing series we call Climber Stories, people from our internal community willl share more about the journey – the challenges, the trials and successes that created who we are today and hint at who we will be tomorrow.

Life Before Work

Introducing: Brandon Bates, Regional Account Manager

Finding the right professional fit isn’t easy. When I first started working at Populus Group, I heard a lot about how much the organization valued culture and putting people first. I heard about how PG believes everyone has a Team A and a Team B. Team A–family–always comes before Team B (work). My new role seemed like a great fit and things were going well. Then when my wife’s pregnancy threw us a curve ball, and I came to find out what those values really mean.