We celebrated Take Your Kid to Work Day yesterday with the classics: fruit snacks, games, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts and of course, pizza. The offices were full of scampering, laughter and some pretty creative ideas. One of the best thing about kids is they surprise you, ask any parent. So over a round of juice-boxes and gummies, we went around the conference table and got each kiddo's best advice for adults. Enjoy!

Lucas Anderson

“Always be nice to people. And make dinner.”

Lucas Anderson-1


Madison Bates

"We’re eating lunch."

MAdison Bates-1

Deacon Bersine

“Don’t spend your life doing something you hate to do.”

Deacon Bersine400


Greyson Blakey

“Work hard.”


Dorian & Lauren Cast

"Never give up!"

"Take care of your kids if have them."
Cast Kiddos-1


Howard DeCastro

“You have to believe in yourself.”

Alex and Howard DeCastro-1

Kimora Hansbrough

“Work hard!”


Kaylani Hernandez

“Have fun and be nice to people.”


Jaxon Holcomb

“Have more time to play with kids, they’re always being busy.” IMG_3283-1

Chloe Hord

"Work hard!"


Zoey Mackaluso

“Use your manners: say please and thank you.”

Zoey Mackaluso


Ethan Mehl

“Don’t listen to other’s opinions of you. Think of yourself in your own way and not in someone else’s.”

Ethan Mehl

Kaitlyn Mehl

Best advice for adults: “When in doubt, eat chocolate cake!”

Best advice from an adult: ‘Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms”

Kaitlyn Mehl

Zach Mehl

“Like George Washington said, ‘stay away from political parties!’”

Zach Mehl

Zofoia Muse

“Have more time to do gymnastics and have bars in your house.”



Gabriel & Jacquelyn Palafox

“Get a job that makes lots of money.”

“Look for a job that gives you lots and lots of free snacks.”

Gabriel and Jacquelyn Palafox-1

Marilyn Ricker

“Be really nice.”


Tommy Ricker

“Don’t do trades.”



Kennedi Salatrik

“Keep doing what you’re doing if you’re good at it and stick with it. Try new things!”


Ethan Smith

“Stop embarrassing your kids!”


Avery Speck

“Clean your room and always behave. Don’t run off, and stay with Mommy and hold her hand when you’re in public. When you’re in public you should hold your parent’s hand or you could lose them.”


Greyson & Rhys Zurheide

“Be Batman.”

“Be a Hero.” 

Rhys and Grayson Zurheide-1-1


Putting family first is an important part of our culture here at PG. We hope that you and your family take some time to enjoy each other's company, and advice, everyday. Ya never know what you're going to learn!

What's some of the best advice you've gotten from a kiddo? We'd love to hear in the comments below!