Learn how pending legislation in California could impact you and your workforce

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Pending Legislation

AB-5 Employers: Opportunity to Work Act

California businesses should be aware of a new Assembly Bill, the Opportunity to Work Act, which could impact employers when hiring new resources, full time employees or on workers on contract. Currently pending, this law would require employers with 10 or more employees to offer additional hours of work to existing full time employees who, in the employer’s reasonable judgment, have the skills and experience to perform the work. This outreach must be completed and documented before employers can hire any additional employees, subcontractors or contingent labor.

Read more about the bill here.

The Impact

Similar legislation has already passed in the city of San Jose, which will take effect sometime in March 2017. If this bill passes, it will have consequences for California employers' options for using temporary labor, including hiring additional employees or subcontractors through a temporary employment agency, staffing agency, or similar entity. Businesses will need to provide and maintain notices of employee rights and employees will be authorized to file complaints for any violations to the provisions of the law.  Any violation of these provisions could be punishable by a civil penalty. 

The Solution

Whether you’re in human resources, procurement, talent management, or operations, you’re always looking for ways to help move your organization forward by quickly getting the resources needed to achieve goals, at the right price. When you throw new legislation into the mix things can get tricky, fast.

With all the demands on your shoulders each day, how can you find the time to research all the regulations that may or may not collide with your business? And then also find the time to map out solutions that will be effective in areas that may be outside of your expertise? If you miss something, what impact could that have on your organization and your standing as leader? It’s a major challenge; we get it!

Our team of compliance experts can identify and design the road maps to guide you to the solutions that work best for you and contingent workforce. We work with clients to not only determine how to best mitigate the consequences if a bill becomes law, but also to support them in the long-run with a team of experienced compliance specialists. You need a partner that will help you identify the compliance issues that you face. We’ll work with you to design customized solutions that will carry you and your organization forward, so you can spend time advancing your strategic business objectives, not sifting through legal jargon.  When you have more clarity on compliance, and more time to do your job, you win. When you don’t, you can lose. It’s pretty simple, and we’ve seen the significant impact it can have on individuals and their organizations. 

We’re passionate about guiding people forward, it’s what we do. We would love to talk more about the potential implications of this legislation to your contingent workforce, and help guide you to a smart, sustainable solution that will transform your program and carry your workforce into the future.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

If you're already working with us, be sure to connect with your account manager and they’ll address any questions you may have. If you're not already working with us, we'd love to talk! We can help you create a plan to anticipate how this change could impact you and your workforce.

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