Since co-founding Populus Group more than 16 years ago, my journey has been full of ups and downs. What I've come to believe is that we learn more from our struggles than anything else. That's why I am so excited to announce the launch of my first book, The Gift of Struggle!  The message of the book is simple:

We all struggle.
Inside every struggle is a gift.
Leaders share their gifts with others.



Leadership Is About Sharing Your Gifts

Every struggle teaches us something. That’s the gift. That’s why I wrote this book. Each of my struggles ultimately contained a powerful lesson. Through these experiences, I discovered struggle is the currency of progress.

The book contains:

  1. Personal stories of my own struggles
  2. The life-changing lessons I learned
  3. A new way to lead from your head and your heart

My hope is that my stories of struggle inspire you to view your struggles differently. You have more potential than you realize. There has never been a greater need for compassionate leadership. Discover your gifts, become a Student of Struggle:

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