In three days most of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  We’ll share laughs, gather with family & friends, eat till our pants pop, and if we’re lucky…take a great tryptophan induced nap. 


We also know that many won’t have that opportunity.  So every year around this great holiday, our awareness to “giving” and helping others starts to increase.  We’re grateful for what we have and we want to give back.  “Pay it forward” per se.

Imagine what our lives would be like if we asked ourselves one simple question every day;  Am I giving more than I’m taking? 

How much more fulfillment would we have in our lives if we were more intentional about helping others?  Would we build more trust?  Have less conflict?  Have more empathy?  Imagine the dreams we could help each other achieve simply by asking, and acting on, one simple question.  Am I giving more than I’m taking?     

“Be kind, for everyone’s fighting their own personal battle.” – is one of my favorite quotes.  It’s from Plato.  It summarizes why this question is so important.  We all want our lives to matter.  Giving is all about helping someone realize they matter.

Thank you for the trust you’ve extended me to build something bigger than myself.  It will never be lost on me.  “I’ll toast your biggest dreams coming true on Thanksgiving.” 

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