Happy NY!  Can you believe it’s 2016?  For many, it’s a “reset”, “a fresh start”, a shot at a “do over”.    

Here’s the reality - did you know that only 8% of people that set a goal for the year actually achieve their resolution?  Makes you reflect on your own intent and choices doesn’t it?

Picture1-2.pngI met one of my mentors in 1996.  Dr. Joe,  a gray haired, gritty, Sicilian type who has stories that will rock you to the core.  Shortly after we met he taught me the real meaning of “lessons learned”.      

After a series of conversations discussing my life choices, my wins, my struggles, and most important….my dreams,  we had quite of list of lessons that I had learned.  Then he left me at a complete loss for a real answer with his next question;  “Tell me exactly what you’ve changed Bobby?”  

Magic_Happens.pngI rambled, explained again what I’d learned, rambled more, then finally realized he had me.  He handed me a pen and asked me to write down next to each lesson exactly how I had changed my behavior.  It was very uncomfortable and I was very humbled. I was also a bit embarrassed.  More than anything, I was really pissed off at myself.  “I’m better than this!”

His lesson that day was simple; the real example of lessons learned is when actions change. It’s uncomfortable – it’s also where the magic happens.

May at least one of your dreams come true in 2016.

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