Happy Mother's Day from Populus Group! Around here, we believe family comes first, always. Moms have a special role in our families and our lives. Biological or not, these gals deserve props and appreciation all year long, and especially around Mother's Day! So in celebration of moms everywhere, we asked our PG moms to share their sense of humor, wisdom and insights. Enjoy!

Mommy Mantra

These are the things our PG Moms find themselves repeating, over and over...

Jamie Altman, Immigration Support Representative

Aria Altman Pic-300pxYou’re doing your best... You’re doing your best… You’re doing your best… I’m learning to enjoy more of the everyday moments with my little bug rather than worrying if everything is being done perfectly or the way someone else would do it. I have a healthy, happy, beautiful little girl… that’s all that matters.

Aria and Jamie Altman

Megan Anderson, Content & Proposal Strategist

Dan, Lucas, Megan and Samantha Anderson-200pxYou can’t be a good mom if you aren’t good to yourself. It feels impossible to find the time to do things for you, but it is ultimately the most important thing you can do for your baby and family. If you aren’t healthy and taken care of, you can’t do anything for others. So take a shower and go get your nails done!

Don’t believe people when they tell you that you’ll never sleep again. It takes a lot of work and consistency… but it can happen! And if you want tips, call me! Both my kiddos are amazing sleepers!

Dan, Lucas, Samantha and Megan Anderson

Jessica BitellEngagement Specialist

Jessica and Olivia Bitell-200pxI constantly tell myself to slowdown, take in every moment and enjoy it, even when it is 2am and I’m begging her to go back to sleep because there will be a last for everything. There will be a “last” time I rock her to sleep, a “last” time of holding her in my lap, a “last” time where she lets me read to her, a “last” time of picking her up, a “last” time that she will reach for me. Recognizing this makes me appreciate and cherish every moment!

Jessica and Olivia Bitell

Rosemarie Fontela, Director of Customer Success

Mariah, Aubrianna, Rosemarie & Hailey Fontela 300pxI constantly have to remind myself to practice and teach my girls to be brave and more gutsy.  I no longer cover up my girls from head to toe when they eat ice cream from a cone, I stopped waiting at the bottom of slides, and I certainly will never tell them they can’t do something that a boy can.  Bobby shared a video with me last year that made me realize that there is good behind encouraging some risky-play!

From left to right: Mariah, Aubrianna, Rosemarie & Hailey Fontela

Marina Gallant, Payroll Services Coordinator

Mia and Dom Gallant-120732-editedAs a mom of 2 beautiful children- Mia who is 3 (4 in July) and Dominic who is 17 months my Mommy Mantra that I am constantly reminding myself of is, it could be worse and there is always tomorrow. I am constantly repeating “don’t touch that” “be nice” “give that back” to name a few. I constantly remind myself of “this too shall pass.”

Mia and Dom Gallant

Tiasha Holcomb, Transition Payroll Services Coordinator

Jaxon and Tiasha Holcomb-300px“Breathe. Smile. Keep Pushing.”

Jaxon is very much like his mama- high energy and very talkative. I have to remind myself that regardless of how tired I am from the work week, he deserves to get as much of my energy as I can muster.

Tiasha and Jaxon Holcomb

Darielle Jones, Immigration Support Representative

Ziggy and Zayah Jones-300pxAs a working mom and wife, it’s easy to get caught up in life and dealing with adult stuff. I constantly remind myself to live in the moment and enjoy these two beautiful gifts, my babies!

Ziggy and Zayah Jones

Piper Kelly, Account Manager

Piper Kelly-200pxWhen I’ve anticipated one of Caden’s needs or done something to make him comforted or happy I try to compliment myself. I’ll tell myself that I’m doing a good job and although the learning curve is steep… I’ve got this! 

Piper and Caden Kelly

Katrina Kessler, Internal Recruiter

Katrina Kessler and Gummy Bear-300pxAs a first time mom (to be), it’s a scary time making sure you’re doing everything right and making good choices.  I think my mantra right now is reminding myself that moms have been doing this since the beginning of time, and to not be too hard on myself.  My hubby is a great support when things get scary or stressful and it makes things so much better knowing I can lean on him.  Here is a picture of my 10-week old gummy bear!

Stephanie Miller, Regional Manager of Payroll Services

Stephanie, Owen and Xavier Miller-300pxMy mommy mantra: Slow down and snuggle!  It’s okay that the house is a mess and dinner isn’t made – you can never get these moments back.

Xavier, Owen and Stephanie Miller

Kimberly Mills, Technical Recruiter

Kimberly and Elijah Mills-300pxThe teenage years are only temporary.

Elijah and Kim Mills

Jessica Osei, Corporate Compliance Manager

Jessica, Mark Reagan and London Osei-300pxThey will only be little for so long...  Great reminder to get in those extra cuddles, stories, and just slow down a bit.

Clockwise from top left: Jessica, Mark, London and Reagan Osei

Kortney Overzet, PHR, Human Resources Manager

Kortney Grady & Coleson Overzet-200pxSometimes I have to slow down to remember the little things are so big to my little guys.  Pretending the car is an airplane on the way to school or making up songs about Spiderman, puppies and dump trucks on the fly make their day. When they are going to sleep at night, those are the things they will dream of…not the mess in the living room or the pile of laundry waiting to be put away.  Little things can make some big memories.

Clockwise from top left: Kortney, Grady and Coleson Overzet

Jennifer Pasquier, Senior Brand Strategist

Jen and Luciana (Lucy) Pasquier-200pxGood and bad days come with the new mom territory. On my bad days, I give myself a little pep talk (usually while listening to Beyoncé) in the car and remind myself why I leave my daughter to go to work every day. I want her to see that she can be a strong, smart, independent woman by being an example of one. #bossbabes #girlsruntheworld

Luciana "Lucy" and Jen Pasquier

Grace Phillips, Legal File Clerk

Sloane, Jagger, Hudson, Mateo Phillips-300pxThey’ll thank me when they’re older! I always remind myself, especially after I discipline them and they’re bawling their eyes out, that everything I do - I do because I love them! Momma doesn’t want to raise any punks! And of course: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!

From left: Sloane, Jagger, Hudson and Mateo Phillips

Tiara Simmons, Immigration Support Representative

God didn’t make a mistake when he made me Jakobe’s mom!

Wisdom from My Kiddo(s)

Stef DeStefanis, Onboarding and Training Specialist

Maddie Mae DeStephanis-300pxMaddie is great at taking a moment to tell you something sweet.  I can’t count the times she has stopped playing and walked over to me to say something like, “Momma, I love you,” or “Momma, you’re my best friend,” or “Momma, you are beautiful."  How many opportunities do we miss in life to tell the people around us how much we appreciate them, how special they are or how much they mean to us?  Life is too short.  Don’t miss the opportunities.  So thankful for my little peanut and her instinct to say what she’s thinking always.

Stef and Madalynn “Maddie” DeStefanis

Lori Blakey, Director of Payroll Services

Grayson Emmett and Lori Blakey300px"Mama, you see the moon up there? When it shows itself during the day, it’s actually Cybertron.”

From left: Emmett, Lori and Grayson

Marina Gallant, Payroll Services Coordinator

Mia and Dom Gallant-300Something I 've done with my children since they were born is sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and You Are My Sunshine every night before they go to bed. My daughter still likes me to sing to her and play with her hair or rub her back before she goes to bed. Also, on the day of their actual birthdays I take the day off and spend that time with just them and do something fun. As they get older it will be whatever they want to do that day.

Mia and Dom Gallant

Cheryl Longo, Immigration Specialist II       

Cheryl Longo2-300pxI think every day trying to make my kids better makes me better.  The advice, direction and encouragement I find myself providing them are constant reminders to me.  The best part is when they use it on me!  I think I keep reminding myself how time flies and that even after the longest day, it is all worth it!

Note from Sydney Longo

Marissa Martin, Payroll Services Coordinator 

Marissa and Dallas Martin-534760-editedI only love my bed and my momma, I’m not sorry.

Marissa and Dallas Elijah Lowe

Kimberly Mills, Technical Recruiter

Kimberly and Elijah Mills-300pxWisdom from Elijah – Bacon, pancakes and donuts.  End of story.

Elijah and Kim Mills

Jessica Osei, Corporate Compliance Manager

Jessica, Mark Reagan and London Osei-300pxMy daughter Reagan will say to me- “Mom let me see your super powers!”  In her mind I am a super hero.

Clockwise from top left: Jessica, Mark, London and Reagan Osei





If I could go back in time, I’d remind myself...

Marina Gallant, Payroll Services Coordinator

Mia and Dom Gallant-300When you are in the midst of a difficult parenting moment and you ask yourself “when will this get easier?” remember, that those moments are only temporary and short, but the way you react to them and the lesson you teach your child in that moment will last them a lifetime. I constantly remind myself of “this too shall pass.”

Mia and Dom Gallant

Christy Mackaluso, Manager of Payroll Services

Christy_Zoe_Luke-200pxMake sure to keep an eye on your backpack full of breast milk when you’re at the airport traveling home from a company meeting. Laptops are replaceable. Breast milk is not.

Christy, Zoe and Luke


Kimberly Mills, Technical Recruiter

Kimberly and Elijah Mills-300pxNo parent is ever perfect but it’s the time spent and the little things you do that makes the most impact on a child.

Elijah and Kim Mills

Jessica Osei, Corporate Compliance Manager

Jessica, Mark Reagan and London Osei-300pxDon’t compare yourself to other Mothers; we are all losing it…some women just hide it better than others!

Clockwise from top left: Jessica, Mark, London and Reagan Osei

Jessica Ricker, Manager of Payroll Services

Ricker Family-300pxIf I could go back in time, I would remind myself that my kids won’t remember if they had designer clothes or big parties. Kids only care that you spend time with them and listen to them.

Clockwise from top left: Tommy III, Tommy IV, Jessica, Marilyn and Audrey 

Melissa Speck, Benefits Service Coordinator

Melissa, Avery and Logan Speck-250pxIf I could go back in time, I’d remind myself that time goes by way too fast. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and before you realize it, so much time has passed. I often remind myself to slow down and enjoy the precious time spent with my family as you often don’t get a chance for redos. I’ve been so blessed these past 6 years since I became a Mommy and I wouldn’t trade a single day for anything.

From left: Logan, Melissa and Avery

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