Mental HealthAs we look back on May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we're proud to highlight the activities and initiatives we organized to support our teams. This past month was dedicated to advocating for mental health, offering support to those affected by mental illness, and working to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. At PG, we're committed to fostering a culture that prioritizes mental wellness and provides the necessary resources for our employees.

Throughout the month, we engaged in a variety of activities designed to promote mental health and well-being:
walk 3Walk/Runathon:

Our Engagement Committee launched a Walk/Runathon, promoting physical activity and social engagement. This event encouraged our team to get outside, stay active, and connect with colleagues. We're thrilled to report that 46 employees participated, logging over 400 miles collectively. It was a fantastic way to boost both our physical and mental well-being!



bingoWellness Bingo:

We also introduced Wellness Bingo, a challenge designed to promote healthy choices. Participants engaged in activities like step counting, trying new recipes, exploring different workouts, and adopting overall healthy habits. This fun and interactive challenge saw 30 participants, with 6 of them completing the bingo cards. It was inspiring to see our team embracing wellness in a creative way.


Populus Group Meditation Event:

Our meditation sessions, led by Bismah, our Senior Legal Assistant, were a cornerstone of our Mental Health Awareness Month activities. With her extensive background in holistic practices including reiki, PRANIC healing, reflexology, hypnotherapy, EFT, and meditation, Bismah provided a space for relaxation and stress relief. Each session consistently attracted over 40 participants, receiving positive feedback and contributing to our collective mental well-being.


Teen Mental Health:

Our Parent’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) focused on teen mental health, addressing the challenges that teens face. They highlighted warning signs such as withdrawing from friends and family, changes in personal hygiene, and sudden shifts in academic performance. The ERG also shared strategies to support teens and combat the stigma associated with mental health challenges. This initiative provided valuable insights for our community, especially for those with teenage children.

Through these activities, we have made significant strides in promoting mental health awareness and creating a supportive work environment. We're committed to continuing these efforts by offering quarterly meditation sessions and monthly Health and Wellness connects sponsored by our Health and Wellness ERG. These initiatives are designed to alleviate stress, encourage physical activity, and promote healthy lifestyle choices among our team.

LinkedIn  Blog Covers (10)Our focus on mental health doesn't end with May. The Parent’s ERG has partnered with the Pride ERG to offer ongoing support for mental health throughout the year. Let's continue to build a culture of awareness and support together. For more information on mental health and how you can help, please visit: