Happy International Women's Day from us at Populus Group!

Sunday, March 8th was International Women's Day!
We're so proud of our amazing PG women, and all that they do at work and beyond. This year's theme is #EachforEqual, so we asked our climbers the same question #IWD asks: How can you forge a more gender equal world? Why is it important to you?

Here's what some of our amazing climbers shared:

Holly Barron

Employee Relationship Specialist

I will work to lead by example for my daughter, Cecilia. She was 4 days old in this picture (below) and everything I do is to teach her that she can have anything in this world that she wants. I will work hard in my family and in my career to show her that hard work gets results. My husband also works with me to show her that he and I are equal partners, not only in providing for her, but also in raising her!

Holly with her daughter, Cecilia.


Dan Forton

Financial Operations Manager

I will forge a more gender equal world by supporting my daughters to achieve their potential; educating them to know they deserve to be treated with fairness, respect, and dignity. It's important to do so because women are created equal to men, and we should all endeavor to make our culture reflect that self-evident truth.

Dan with his daughter, Charlotte


Ashley Hamer

Onboarding Coordinator

I like to express gender equality through my hobbies. Hunting and fishing have always been something the men in my family participate in, and growing up I always "forced" them to take me. Because of this, I now work with the DNR and other groups to promote hunting events for women and young girls looking to get into the sport! This is important and gratifying because it helps ensure that everyone is valued, and that we all have the same access to opportunities.

Ashley Hamer is an Onboarding Coordinator at Populus Group. She hunts and encourages other women and girls to participate.

Brooke Hebb

Immigration Counsel

As we recognize International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we should celebrate the strengths and abilities of all genders. To me, a more "gender equal world" means creating an inclusive space for all genders to excel. This means giving people practical tools to achieve this goal. For example, ensuring that women are represented on executive boards and in meetings, rejecting gender-favoring, not falling into gender-rigid structures, and speaking up when you experience or witness gender discrimination. Cherish the strengths of masculinity and femininity, and everyone wins!

Brooke at the National Harbor in Maryland posing with a picture of Rosie the Riveter, the classic depiction of women in the 1940s who went to work in factories during WWII. Rosie is a great role model because she represents women's independence in the workplace!


Danielle Hein

Proposal and Content Strategist

I will forge a more gender equal world by supporting and helping others achieve their goals, and celebrating their achievements. It's important to highlight each others' accomplishments to lift one another up and inspire others! No one should feel like they can't be everything they want simply because of gender differences.

Danielle Hein is a proposal and content strategist at Populus Group.


Derek Kimmerle, CCWP

Customer Success Manager

I will forge a more gender equal world by continuing to address both the obvious and underlying reasons behind compensation discrimination. The gender wage gap is far more complex than most give it credit for, and to truly solve a problem it must be dissected thoroughly and directly. It's important to maintain relevancy of the wage gap not only now during Women's History Month, but the other 11 months of the year, as well. Women can't do it alone. Without the support of men, the gender wage gap will continue to be a detriment to women around the world. Everyone should be a feminist. I do this for the women of the future, like my two nieces.

Derek Kimmerle is a customer success manager at Populus Group. He is pictured here with his two nieces.


Mario Lambert

Director, Strategic Sales & Channel Partnerships

I support and promote my wife, Tanesha Lambert, in her mission to reach her full potential. She is starting a movement called "guilt-free ambition" to empower entrepreneurial mothers...and I'm going to give lots of love and effort to help. We're better together!

Mario Lambert is a director of strategic sales and partnerships at Populus Group. Here he is pictured with his wife, Tanesha Lamber, who is starting the "guilt-free ambition" movement for entrepreneurial moms.


Austin McCool

Customer Experience Coordinator

I will forge a more gender equal world by making sure my wife is appreciated every single day. She does so much for our family, and I want to encourage her in all she does so she knows she can achieve anything she sets her mind to--because she can! It's so important to show appreciation, big or small. The big things are great, but it's the little things that matter in uplifting her every day.

Austin McCool with his wife and son. Austin is a customer experience coordinator at Populus Group.in


Jessica Osei

Corporate Compliance Manager

As co-leader of the Populus Group Employee Resource Group (PG Parents), I am part of an initiative to support working parents of both genders, providing resources, as well as identifying any gaps we have (and finding solutions to close them!). I'm also raising two strong daughters who will be in the workforce on day, and I want them to have every opportunity possible regardless of their gender. Our family pushes to provide them with a variety of great role models who continue to push limits and are great examples to inspire them to be themselves!

Jessica Osei is a corporate compliance manager at Populus Group. Here, she is pictured with her husband and two daughters.


Michelle Vaught, CCWP

Implementation Manager

As a woman in the workplace, I see how important it is for women to feel empowered to speak up, and feel comfortable making an impact/difference in their career. I plan to make an impact by making myself available to mentor new women entering the workforce, and help them navigate the corporate world!

Vaught, Michelle

How will YOU forge a more gender equal world? Why is it important to you? Leave us a comment!

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