Get out your blow horns and put on your party hats! We are so stoked to share Populus Group was awarded the 2021 Medtronic Supplier Excellence Award!  Medtronic has thousands of global suppliers; only about 150 receive invitations to the annual event where they give out their supplier awards.  Only 10 walk away with the Supplier Excellence Award in their respective areas; denoting PG as a top-10 supplier out of thousands of potential winners.  Now that says a lot, especially with this being the second time Medtronic has presented an award to PG.

Medtronic PG Supplier Excellence Award 2

Our relationship began in 2013 as Medtronic was looking for a partner to help manage their payroll population.  Compliance, proper worker classification and overall risk mitigation were very important.  Our client service teams handled the transition of nearly 300 workers with care and sensitivity.  In the last 8 years, proactive conversations and continued high-touch customer service led to solving even more of Medtronic’s concerns and our contingent population growing to nearly 700 active workers. This includes bringing on immigration, redeployment and IC compliance services (for both pre-identified and supplier-sourced workers).  Medtronic is a proud partner and continues to trust Populus Group to listen, innovate and evolve with them as they continue to strive for their suppliers to embrace their Quality Begins with Me mentality.  Currently PG has over 1100 contractors with Medtronic and they continue to be our biggest pillar.

"Working with Populus Group is always a pleasure.  They really demonstrate what diversity means for Medtronic - not just numbers on a page, by people with a variety of viewpoints and experience wo constantly inspire us."

- Lisa Zak, Senior Strategic Sourcing Director at Medtronic

In December 2017, Medtronic awarded Populus Group its Supplier of the Year award, recognizing a consistent commitment to quality, value, and customer service.

Like in any relationship, there are challenges, but mutual trust and a shared commitment to openness and progress ensures the partnership continues to thrive.

We don’t just do this alone; we would like to recognize all our climbers internally that have helped impact our relationship with Medtronic by keeping our commitments and delivering results; without your hard work and dedication, we would not be the organization we are today. 


You can check out our press release on this award here.