Memorial Day is one of those milestone days of the year. For most, it means summer is around the corner. It means a long weekend of barbecues, cook-outs and spending time with loved ones in the warm late spring weather. But we also know it represents much more. Especially for Veterans, their friends and families, it's also a moment to reflect on the real meaning of the holiday, the cost of our Military, our freedom and our way of life in America. 

In celebration and memory of Veterans, their friends and family, here are four of our most popular posts written by Veterans, for Veterans and in honor of Veterans. 

What Veterans Do Better Than Anyone

By Bobby Herrera

Nalito Beltran-330821-editedIn late 2009 I received a call from my great-nephew. He said; “Uncle Bobby, I think I’m going to join the Army. Veteran Nalito BeltranI’ve always wanted to do it. Since you did it I want to talk to you about it.”

We had a lengthy conversation about his choice and I recall feeling proud that my example had guided him to do the same for his own journey.

I had a special connection with Nalito. Read full story here >>

Honoring Veterans (Part 1): A Family Legacy of Military Service

by Irene Lawrence

Uncle John Victor Stafford-250pxIt was a mild warm day at the end of September in Findlay, Ohio; the leaves were beginning to turn shades of yellow, gold and red. I remember the refreshing breeze on my face as we stood at my Father’s graveside; we heard the trumpet playing, shots rang out, the flag was being folded and handed to my brother and me. My Father served our country in World War II, and as we laid him to rest with a Military honors, the significance of the moment exceeded my understanding. Read the full story here >>

Celebrating Veterans (Part 2): What I Learned From My Time in the Army

By Eric Schmitz

Eric Army Selfie-250pxI arrived in Nasiriyah, Iraq on a hot and sunny morning in June, the air was almost completely still, making the heat even more intense. When I got to the Airbase, about 150 miles east of the Iran boarder, it was nothing like what I anticipated. I was filled with adrenaline, excitement, nerves and curiosity. 
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5 Tips to Energize Veteran Entrepreneurs in Your Community 

by Bunker Labs

Bobby Herrera with BunkerLabs Seattle-788832-edited-772369-editedGreg Adams was a Special Forces Team Leader in western Afghanistan. He was responsible for coordinating different organizations, from government to NGO to business, from US to Afghanistan to NATO partners. His main mission was to keep people safe by supporting a Common Operating Environment. After separating from the Army in 2011, he created a new mission.  
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