Back in high school I had a great history teacher, Mr. Murphy. He encouraged us to make the news a part of our daily routines. He said it was like jumping on a merry-go-round. It would be awkward at first, and you wouldn't know left from right, but once you got acclimated, you'd figure it out and enjoy the ride. It was his way to encourage us to be informed citizens, and not be intimated by the process.

But when it comes to legislative news, the stakes are higher than just being in the know. Missing something can have a big financial impact on your business. So we have an entire team that tracks and interprets legislative changes so that we can keep our clients informed and, most importantly, in compliance. With that in mind, here are the top 6 changes on our Compliance Team's radar this week:

1.  Controversial USCIS Memo Draws Major H-1B Lawsuit

downtown-320pxThe Trump administration's new H-1B policies have a major impact on employers.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a controversial memo designed to make it difficult (some say “impossible”) for professionals in H-1B status to provide services at the site of their employer’s customers. The USCIS “third-party placement” memo is one of a series of moves by the Trump administration to restrict the use of H-1B visas and, not surprisingly, it has resulted in litigation. 


2. New Jersey Statewide Sick Leave Coming Soon

Sick Leave-320px

New legislation, new precedent.

The Garden State passed statewide sick leave, which will be signed and go into effect in the few months.


3. The New PAID Program for Employers to Self-Audit

Audit-320The Good 'Ol Honor System
A look into the DOL PAID program and whether the risks are worth the rewards



4. Are You Compliant With Criminal Record Screenings

Lab-320Everyone's got a past...
Depending on where your company is based, you may need to revamp how you handle criminal record screenings.



5. Employee Absences an FMLA: What to Do If It Doesn't Add Up

empty desk 320Handle it Like a Pro

A step-by-step guide on how to handle FMLA, and what to do if you believe your employees are abusing those rights.


6. June Will Bring New Ban the Box and Fair Chance Laws

Jail Screenings-320

They did the crime, they did the time: now what?

In June, new laws will go into effect that restrict employers’ ability to request and use criminal history information about applicants in three jurisdictions.


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