The Summit

A Morning with an American Icon (Part 1 of 2)

9/20/2017 By Bobby Herrera

Alan Mulally, Former President and CEO of Ford, Visits PG

“Everything I’ve learned is on this piece of paper Bobby.” Alan said this to me shortly after we sat down in my office recently. Then he handed me a sheet of paper with bullet points and some personal notes and symbols. This paper was in response to a list of my 15 top questions I had sent him in advance of our meeting. To which his response was “Wow!”

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[Video] Paid Family Leave Legislation: Pros & Cons

Life is unpredictable. There's not always an easy way to solve our problems, particularly if they come out of no where. If you or a family member gets sick, what happens? Currently 84% of the population doesn't have access to paid family leave, which can put them and their family members in difficult situations with even more difficult choices to make. But there are some people in Congress with ideas to change that.

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Why Celebrating Employee Passions Matters

With a Pastor for a father, Dorian Cast, Immigration Operations Supervisor at Populus Group, grew up giving back to his community. When he entered the workforce he led two mostly separate lives, one professional, and one in which he Pastored and worked with those in the community who needed some extra support.

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A Culture of Giving Back

Jackie and the PG Troy team volunteering at the Children's Center of Detroit's Back-to-School Bizarre 

Growing up, my parents, uncles, aunts and all the family members who left lipstick stained kisses on my cheek would ask me:

"What's on your Christmas list this year?"

"What's your BIGGEST dream?"

or the classic "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

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A Lesson from My Father I’ll Never Forget

As the beginning of the school year draws closer, we take a moment to look back and consider the important coming-of-age lessons we learned during our childhood. As an organization we’re passionate about paying it forward; sharing lessons-learned with our children and our communities is one of the many ways we hope to do just that.

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Top 3 Contingent Workforce Trends to Track Right Now

Because 2017 has not been a quiet year and changes in contingent labor impact pretty much everyone.

Like most people on planet Earth, you’ve probably seen Finding Nemo (at least once). Remember the cringe-inducing dentist scene—90% chance the dentist was an Independent Contractor (IC).

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What’s the First Thing You Learn in the Army?

Like most Soldiers, my first day in the military is forever etched in my brain. I was scared to death and wondering if I made the right choice. I also knew it was too late. My shaved head and a screaming Drill Sergeant were vivid reminders of that reality.

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Compliance Round-up: Workforce Updates

Ever wake-up nice and early, pour yourself a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, and settle into your favorite chair to sift through the internet looking for workforce related compliance changes that could impact your business? 

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Let it go?  DOL withdraws guidance on Independent Contractors and Joint Employment

Every time you turn on the news some shake-up is happening in Washington. Keeping track of all the policy and administrative changes feels like a full time job—and really it is. But when you’re managing a workforce program, you are busy. Your time and attention are pulled in a million directions and that leaves you with very little time to proactively weed through legislative changes that can impact your business. Have you ever wondered if there are significant compliance exposures that you’re missing?

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How Getting Demoted Was the Best Thing for My Career

#ClimberStories Series

Regardless of your job title, you've probably come face-to-face with a personal or professional challenge that turned your world upside-down. Something that made you take a step back and reevaluate who you are, what you're made of and what your priorities are.

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Celebrating a New Veteran Story This 4th of July

This Independence Day we’re celebrating our Nation’s birthday with a little more than barbecues and fireworks by taking a moment to be inspired by the Veterans and Veteran organizations in our communities, like Bunker Labs. We hope you do the same!

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End FOMO - Consider an MSP for Your Workforce

Do more of what you love this summer (in and out of the office)! Find a better way to keep up with the fast pace of today’s professional demands with a better system to manage your workforce. 

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Fatherhood: Tales, Lessons and Dad Jokes

Mark Twain famously said, “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”

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Could Proposed FLSA Regulations Impact Your Salary and Your Business?

In a world of increasing expenses, compensation has always been a hot topic and never more so than now.

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Business Leaders Have Heroes Too

Sometimes as business leaders we don’t know if our methods are resonating. Measuring the impact of our leadership strategies can be difficult and subjective. We’re passionate about our core values, we do our best to be intentional about communicating them and picking the Right People for our organization, but the process can be slow moving. Sometimes as a leadership team we, like anyone else, need validation.

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