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End FOMO - Consider an MSP for Your Workforce

Do more of what you love this summer (in and out of the office)! Find a better way to keep up with the fast pace of today’s professional demands with a better system to manage your workforce. 

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Fatherhood: Tales, Lessons and Dad Jokes

Mark Twain famously said, “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”

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Could Proposed FLSA Regulations Impact Your Salary and Your Business?

In a world of increasing expenses, compensation has always been a hot topic and never more so than now.

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Business Leaders Have Heroes Too

Sometimes as business leaders we don’t know if our methods are resonating. Measuring the impact of our leadership strategies can be difficult and subjective. We’re passionate about our core values, we do our best to be intentional about communicating them and picking the Right People for our organization, but the process can be slow moving. Sometimes as a leadership team we, like anyone else, need validation.

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What Veterans Do Better Than Anyone

In late 2009 I received a call from my great-nephew. He said; “Uncle Bobby, I think I’m going to join the Army. I’ve always wanted to do it. Since you did it I want to talk to you about it.”

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Our Top 8 Tips for Any Internship Program

If you’ve always wanted to help someone beginning their career, look no further.

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Best Advice: By Moms, For Moms and From Moms

This post is dedicated to all the Moms (biological or not!) who helped us become the quirky, amazing, flawed, passionate people we are today.

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Portable Benefits Legislation in Washington State & the Gig Economy

Under the swell of an expanding freelance workforce, access to portable benefits plays an increasingly important role for more people each year.

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Internships Teach More than Skills: 3 Interns, 6 Lessons

Some people believe the best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty: we are those people.

Interns’ experiences can be inspiring, dismal, hilarious, boring or a combination of all of the above. The world of internships can be tricky to navigate but ultimately, we’ve learned that interns just need the freedom to make mistakes and good leaders to guide them through the process.

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What I Would Have Told My 20-Year-Old Self

Internship Mini-Series (Part 1 of 3)

In this series we’ll explore the value internship programs can offer the next generation of professionals and the businesses they’ll be working for.

Technically, I’m a “Millennial.” However like many other ahem, Millennials, I don’t love the term, partially because I think we have a bad rap. I think there’s more to the story. Before your eyes roll fully into the back of your head, allow me to explain.
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What 3 things do you need to transform yourself?

I learned to ski the hard way.  I was in high school and two of my brothers thought it would be fun to put me on the chair lift, take me to the top, and watch me fly, roll, and fall all the way down.  It was fun…for them.  I was fortunate I still thought I was invincible and refused to give them the satisfaction of quitting.    

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Climber Stories

Have you ever felt lost? Like your value as a person was boiled down to what you’ve done and what you have, but you know you’re capable of more?

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Proposed Bill in California Could Impact Your Workforce

Learn how pending legislation in California could impact you and your workforce

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Stories from My Time at the White House

One decision can change everything

My journey from working at a grocery store while attending the University of Houston, to becoming a US Marine, stationed at the White House as part of the Marine One HMX-1 Presidential Security Squadron, has shaped who I am today.

After high school graduation, my goal was to be the first in my family to earn a college degree. I did not have a college fund to pay for school and being raised by a single mom who had five other children, I was on my own to pay tuition. I continued to live at home so I could help my family, work at the local grocery store and attend classes. I was stressed. I did not feel like I had a purpose. To make matters worse I had little time to spend with friends. I found myself turning down invitations to parties on a regular basis. I would often see my friends coming into the grocery store, laughing and joking as they bought beer, and waving goodbye on their way out. I felt like I would never be able to get out from under the burden of my responsibilities and enjoy my life.

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Why a healthy business encourages you to break an egg (or two)

“Dad, can I make the pancakes for Griffith and Sofia today?  I know how to do it all by myself.” 

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