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Celebrating Veterans (Part 2): What I Learned From My Time in the Army

I arrived in Nasiriyah, Iraq on a hot and sunny morning in June, the air was almost completely still, making the heat even more intense. When I got to the Airbase, about 150 miles east of the Iran boarder, it was nothing like what I anticipated. It was massive and looked similar to where I traveled from, Fort Bliss, Texas, minus. We lived in air-conditioned containerized housing units, there were bathrooms and showers, we had a huge gym with enough equipment to support an actual army, we had unlimited food and water, there paved roads and bus routes, and all the amenities you’d never expect to have during a deployment. I was filled with adrenaline, excitement, nerves and curiosity.

Me in Iraq

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Honoring Veterans (Part 1): A Family Legacy of Military Service

It was a mild warm day at the end of September in Findlay, Ohio; the leaves were beginning to turn shades of yellow, gold and red. I remember the refreshing breeze on my face as we stood at my Father’s graveside; we heard the trumpet playing, shots rang out, the flag was being folded and handed to my brother and me. My Father served our country in World War II, and as we laid him to rest with a Military honors, the significance of the moment exceeded my understanding.

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What’s the Best Way to Connect the Dots?

I recently witnessed something that I believe accelerates the transformation we’re all pursuing. It was a really cool Dad moment too.

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The Universe is Easy to Understand - Simple Tips for Great Communication

“To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” – Homer Simpson

While Homer may not be wrong, I’d like to propose you could easily replace “alcohol” with “communication” and the statement would work just as well.

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Climber Stories: Momming, Working & Relying on the Team

Driving to work on my first day back from maternity leave, I felt like a kid on my first day at a new school. I was nervous. I was excited. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

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7 Workforce Trends to Consider to Attract the Right People

15 minute read

The Fourth Quarter can feel like an odd time of year. Aside from the strange mix of Halloween and holiday displays at your local Targé, it also means we review the successes (and shortcomings) of the current year while making plans for the next year. 

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Compliance Round-up: Workforce Updates

When you were a kid, did you ever hop on a merry-go-round at the playground, and the big kid who spun it around made it go faster and faster until you felt like you could barely hang on?  If you were like me, it could go from fun to a little scary pretty quickly. 

As an adult, you probably don't find yourself hanging onto playground equipment for dear life, but there are other higher stakes rides that can get a little spooky. Enter: legislative changes and the curves they can throw at our businesses.

It's hard to keep up with everything, we toally get it! So with you in mind, our Compliance Team rounds up some of the top legislative changes that will have an impact on our industry. Read to to catch-up and keep ahead of the curve.

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A Morning with an American Icon (Part 2 of 2)

9/25/2017 By Bobby Herrera

The Specific Lessons I Learned from Mulally, Former President and CEO of Ford

A few minutes into our meeting, Alan opens up a binder he had prepared for our meeting.  As he’s doing that I’m thinking “Alan Mulally showed up to our meeting with a binder prepared on me??” 
Always Be prepared -  a Lesson you already know.

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A Morning with an American Icon (Part 1 of 2)

9/20/2017 By Bobby Herrera

Alan Mulally, Former President and CEO of Ford, Visits PG

“Everything I’ve learned is on this piece of paper Bobby.” Alan said this to me shortly after we sat down in my office recently. Then he handed me a sheet of paper with bullet points and some personal notes and symbols. This paper was in response to a list of my 15 top questions I had sent him in advance of our meeting. To which his response was “Wow!”

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[Video] Paid Family Leave Legislation: Pros & Cons

Life is unpredictable. There's not always an easy way to solve our problems, particularly if they come out of no where. If you or a family member gets sick, what happens? Currently 84% of the population doesn't have access to paid family leave, which can put them and their family members in difficult situations with even more difficult choices to make. But there are some people in Congress with ideas to change that.

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Why Celebrating Employee Passions Matters

With a Pastor for a father, Dorian Cast, Immigration Operations Supervisor at Populus Group, grew up giving back to his community. When he entered the workforce he led two mostly separate lives, one professional, and one in which he Pastored and worked with those in the community who needed some extra support.

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A Culture of Giving Back

Jackie and the PG Troy team volunteering at the Children's Center of Detroit's Back-to-School Bizarre 

Growing up, my parents, uncles, aunts and all the family members who left lipstick stained kisses on my cheek would ask me:

"What's on your Christmas list this year?"

"What's your BIGGEST dream?"

or the classic "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

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A Lesson from My Father I’ll Never Forget

As the beginning of the school year draws closer, we take a moment to look back and consider the important coming-of-age lessons we learned during our childhood. As an organization we’re passionate about paying it forward; sharing lessons-learned with our children and our communities is one of the many ways we hope to do just that.

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Top 3 Contingent Workforce Trends to Track Right Now

Because 2017 has not been a quiet year and changes in contingent labor impact pretty much everyone.

Like most people on planet Earth, you’ve probably seen Finding Nemo (at least once). Remember the cringe-inducing dentist scene—90% chance the dentist was an Independent Contractor (IC).

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What’s the First Thing You Learn in the Army?

Like most Soldiers, my first day in the military is forever etched in my brain. I was scared to death and wondering if I made the right choice. I also knew it was too late. My shaved head and a screaming Drill Sergeant were vivid reminders of that reality.

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