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How to tackle that hairy problem

Getting a dog sucked. I don’t mean to say that I was forced to get a dog – or that I don’t love her now – but man, I really hated her when we first adopted her.

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If you’re not investing in minority suppliers, you’re putting your company at risk.

It’s no secret that the population of America is changing. But did you know just how dramatically it’s changing for businesses and consumers?

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If the team is laughing, you're doing something right.

How often does your team laugh at work? 

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Climber stories: How does a veteran show his strength?

“Climber Stories” is an ongoing series that highlights the stories of our amazing employees – “climbers” – at Populus Group.

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Your culture shouldn't come with training wheels.

Do you remember how much you wanted to learn to ride a bike as a kid?  When my oldest boy was three, we decided to buy him a “balance bike” -- a small bike with no pedals that he could push with his little legs. They’re big in Europe and started making a splash in the US a few years back. 

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Game of Groans? How to avoid worker misclassification drama.

Worker misclassification can come with a hefty price tag. In 2015, for example, the Department of Labor won judgements totaling over $700,000 against construction companies who made their workers form LLCs to avoid the federal and state wage and safety laws.

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Do You Have One Problem Or Two?

The CEO of a local startup reached out to me recently and asked for help talking through a big problem. We scheduled lunch and met at a cool place near the water in Seattle.

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How We (Mostly) Stopped Making Bad Hires

A bad hire can be more than just a bad experience. We, along with plenty of other employers, know that bad hires can drive down productivity, put a strain on morale, and hurt client relationships. A recent survey even states that 27% of U.S. employers reported a single bad hire cost their company more than $50,000. Why do bad hires happen, and how can you avoid them?

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How Can Little Jingles Impact Your Leadership Communication?

Finish this jingle: The best part of waking up…

…is Folgers in your cup. Why was that so easy to remember? How many times did you hear or see that commercial before you could recite it yourself?  Is it possible to make your internal communications as catchy as a jingle?

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Will They Tell You When They’re Scared?

Around 2:30am last Friday I felt a gentle tap on my hand while I was sleeping. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a small silhouette with some crazy hair in the darkness. My three-year-old daughter leaned over and whispered, “Daddy, I’m scared. Will you sleep with me?”  Who could resist that? 

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Showing Up is Half the Battle

It was an ordinary day in Mosul, Iraq; children playing barefoot on the dusty roads and locals shopping in the market for dinner. The sun was bright and hot, with very few clouds in the sky. I’m a Private in the U.S. Army and this is my first deployment overseas. Our mission on this day is to show a friendly presence and ensure that the locals feel safe.

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Who is a Part of Your Family?

5/19/2016 By Tom Mehl Culture

The fateful words still ring in my ears, "Daddy, I have to get sick".  Little did I know that those words would be the start of a nearly month-long ordeal with my son Zach that would forever change my priorities, focus, and view of my family at home and at work.

My world changed at 2am, on January 1, 2013.  The week prior we’d taken Zach to the ER because he was having stomach pains, fever, and fatigue.  After a few hours, he was sent home and we were told he had the flu and nothing else was wrong.  An appointment with our pediatrician the next morning confirmed the flu and we were told to get him rest and to expect him to get worse before he got better.

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What’s the Best That Could happen?

We have all heard the saying, “what’s the worst that could happen?”  I grew up hearing this and thought of it as a mainstay of how to look at the opportunities and challenges that lay before me.  However, a wise man challenged me to look at things differently.

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Are You at Risk for Vertical or Horizontal Joint Employment?

What is Joint or Co-employment?

The legal doctrine of joint or co-employment states that a worker, or a group of workers, can be considered the employee of more than one employer. Because an increasing number of workers today are engaged via staffing firms, temporary placement firms, franchises, or other third-party arrangements, this doctrine is central to understanding today’s workforce.

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It’s Simply a Matter of Perspective

How do you want to be perceived? What does your attitude say about you? How can a change in attitude improve your company’s image?

Often times we don’t realize – or we find it hard to imagine – how others perceive us. One thing I’ve learned to do is to slow down and remove myself from a situation and take an objective view on how my attitude, actions, and even my appearance can change someone’s perception of me.

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