We hope you spend some time this Thanksgiving reflecting on what you're thankful for. But beyond that, we hope you show and celebrate your gratitude throughout the year by sharing stories, giving back and taking a moment to enjoy your gifts, large and small. 

So in honor of the upcoming holiday, we'd like to reshare some of the stories from our community that celebrate the people, opportunities and stories that we're thankful for.


Am I Giving More Than I’m Taking?

By Bobby Herrera

In three days most of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  We’ll share laughs, gather with family & friends, eat till our pants pop, and if we’re lucky…take a great tryptophan induced nap. Read more >>



Populus Group Life Comes First-329651-edited.jpgLife Before Work

By Brandon Bates

When I first started working at Populus Group, I heard a lot about how much the organization valued culture and putting people first. I heard about how PG believes everyone has a Team A and a Team B. Team A (family) always comes before Team B (work). My new role was a great fit and things were going well. Then when my wife’s pregnancy threw us a curve ball, and I came to find out what those values really mean.  Read more >>

Frank and Father DeCastro-381594-edited-387240-edited.jpgA Lesson from My Father I’ll Never Forget

By Frank De Castro

Sometimes the most valuable and lasting impactful gifts we get seemed small in the moment. Only with time and perspective can we truly appreciate their meaning. Read more >>



PG-Seattlle-Volunteering-020970-edited.jpg4 Reasons to Pay It Forward in Your Community

By Matt King

We love spending time in the communities where we live and work by partnering with organizations that believe as strongly as we do in giving everyone an opportunity to succeed. Read more >>



Detroit Childrens Center-512396-edited-752815-edited.jpgA Culture of Giving Back

By Jackie McCool

Growing up, my parents, uncles, aunts and all the family members who left lipstick stained kisses on my cheek would ask me: "What's on your Christmas list this year?" Read more >>



PG Family Detroit-179615-edited.jpgWho is a Part of Your Family?

By Tom Mehl 

The fateful words still ring in my ears, "Daddy, I have to get sick".  Little did I know that those words would be the start of a nearly month-long ordeal with my son Zach that would forever change my priorities, focus, and view of my family at home and at work. Read more >>


Thanksgiving and Beyond

In addition to the turkey, family time and Black Friday Sales, we hope you spend some time this Thanksgiving enjoying all the things in your life that make it more meaningful. We hope you can take a moment of pause to be thankful, and share those stories and feelings with your loved ones, and your community. And when the holiday is over and the leftovers are eaten, we hope you find a way to give back too.  

Happy Thanksgiving from Populus Group!

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